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Add: 1st & 4th Floor, Bldg H, Chuangxin Industrial District, Xintian, Guanlan, Shenzhen, China

Zip: 518110

Tel: +86-755-28050226

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E-mail: wenyong.ding@szjmaerospace.com

Medical Device Amplifier

Medical Device Amplifier
The use of a computer or programming machine, the completion of the process of programming parts, for complex parts is very convenien

Product Details

Automatic Programming:

The use of a computer or programming machine, the completion of the process of programming parts, for complex parts is very convenient.


Q. What are the typical testing equipment and testing capabilities of jinming airlines? 

A. Our company has A high specification of product testing center, mainly hexikang three coordinate measuring instrument, two dimensional element, height meter, projector, push and pull meter, hardness testing machine, roughness tester, salt spray tester, and other professional measurement engineering and technical personnel to monitor and manage the quality. 

Q. Jinming airlines currently the main service customers and industry? 

A. the customers we mainly serve at present have strict requirements on the reliability and stability of mechanical properties

Q. How does jinming airlines solve the contradiction between the flexibility of small-batch sample production and the stability of mass production? 

A. We will customer communication prophase engineering technology, sample production and small batch trial-produce stage and separating them, the mass production orders of business of the company, in the early stage, the customer need our rapid response, timely feedback, so we set up a model with business, engineering, production staff of the joint working group, specialized solution customer's various demand, early stage with a good system, late for batch manufacturing experience and data. In the batch manufacturing stage, we have special processes, departments and personnel to carry out contract review, process transformation, production of SOP, SIP, and in the manufacturing process to carry out the first piece inspection, process inspection, terminal inspection, shipment inspection and other strict quality control process, to ensure the reliability and stability of batch production. 

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