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Medical Device Parts

  • Medical the Filter

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    Medical the Filter

    The research on the characteristics of the surface layer belongs to the internal processing effect, including the residual stress, deformation strengthening, processing hardening, microstructure change, crack and other technical indicators within the surface.Read More

  • Medical the Connector

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    Medical the Connector

    The particularity of the use occasion of aerospace products determines the special requirements of aerospace parts for the materials used. Nowadays, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and high-temperature alloy and other refractory materials have been widely used...Read More

  • Medical Device Amplifier

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    Medical Device Amplifier

    The use of a computer or programming machine, the completion of the process of programming parts, for complex parts is very convenienRead More

  • Medical Device Sensors

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    Medical Device Sensors

    Using CAD/CAM software, modeling and image automatic programming. The most typical software is Master CAM, which can complete the programming of milling 2-coordinate, 3-coordinate, 4-coordinate and 5-coordinate, turning and linear cutting.Read More

  • Medical Device the Stethoscope

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    Medical Device the Stethoscope

    Although there are many new types of stethoscopes, most of them still have the same shape and function as the traditional stethoscope. The SPUD device is a device similar to a breastplate, which medical staff can use on the neck and upper chest of patients.Read More

  • Medical Massager

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    Medical Massager

    Is it convenient to use, safe and reliable, small volume, light weight, low power saving, simple operation, reasonable design, vibration frequency adjustable vibration close to hand massage, detumescence and analgesia, and promote the recovery of neural function and eliminate...Read More

Find professional medical device parts manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We warmly welcome you to buy customized medical device parts made in China here from our factory.
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