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CNC Machining Capacity

  • CNC Precision Machining

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    CNC Precision Machining

    Computer digital control precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machining boring and milling machine, etc.Read More

  • CNC Turning

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    CNC Turning

    It is to point to a kind of craft method that carries on the spare parts processing on numerical control machine tool, numerical control machine tool machining and the craft regulation that traditional machine tool machining are said to be consistent on the whole, but also...Read More

  • CNC Milling

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    CNC Milling

    CNC milling or manual milling is used to machining prismatic parts machining process. There is a rotating cylindrical head and a number of chip groove milling cutter is usually called end milling cutter or end milling cutter, along the different axis movement, used to process...Read More

  • Sheet Metal Processing

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    Sheet Metal Processing

    Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting, blanking, bending forming and other methods and process parameters, including a variety of cold stamping die structure and process parameters, a variety of equipment working principles and methods of manipulation, but also...Read More

  • CNC Surface Treatment

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    CNC Surface Treatment

    Surface treatment is the process of artificially forming a surface layer with different mechanical, physical and chemical properties on the surface of the matrix material. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product corrosion resistance, wear resistance,...Read More

  • Aluminum Alloy Oxidation Treatment

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    Aluminum Alloy Oxidation Treatment

    Iron and steel parts through oxidation treatment on the surface to generate protective oxide film, the main component is magnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4), the color of the film is generally black or blue black, cast steel and silicon steel brown or black brown.Read More

  • Five-axis Machining

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    Five-axis Machining

    Five axis machining machine tool is usually called five axis machine tool or five axis machining center. Five-axis machining is often used in the field of aerospace, machining body parts with free surface, turbine parts and impeller, etc.Read More

  • Four Axis Processing

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    Four Axis Processing

    Axis nc machining can be controlled at the same time more than four axes linkage, CNC milling, CNC boring, CNC drilling, and other functions together, after a clamping workpiece, the processing surface can be milling, boring, drilling process, effectively avoids caused by...Read More

  • Aluminum Alloy Processing

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    Aluminum Alloy Processing

    With lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, polishing machines and other machinery according to the customer's drawings or samples processing into a variety of high-fidelity parts.Read More

  • CNC Machining Powder Spraying

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    CNC Machining Powder Spraying

    In terms of the comprehensive evaluation of machinability, the cutting performance is evaluated from the perspective of cutting tools, and the machinability of workpieces is evaluated from the perspective of parts processing, so as to realize the reasonable matching between...Read More

  • CNC Machining Electroplating

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    CNC Machining Electroplating

    Precision parts processing or accessories when bearings due to inventory conditions or improper rust will produce embroidery corrosion can not be processed by mechanical methods, and chemical pickling will damage the accuracy of parts.Read More

  • CNC Machining Laser Engraving

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    CNC Machining Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology with laser as the processing medium. Processing materials in laser engraving irradiation instantaneous melting and gasification of physical denaturation, laser engraving can achieve the purpose of processing.Read More

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